All About Our Wedding: Venue

We finally got our wedding pictures back and WOOOW!! I’ll go ahead and apologize now to those who follow me on social media, but I am obsessed. Of course I am in love with them because they are my own, but I hope you guys enjoy too. So without further ado I can begin my wedding series. First up, the venue! ©Jason Hurst Photography 2016-2017

Our ceremony and reception was held at the Botanic Garden at Georgia Southern University, in Statesboro. (You can read about us choosing our venue here.) Having an outdoor wedding we could not have picked a better location, and were super blessed with perfect weather, which is a miracle with Georgia’s unpredictability on top of Hurricane Matthew blasting through two weeks prior.

The grounds consist of over eleven acres of flowers, woodland trails, an old school house, a horse barn, a children’s garden, and the original cottage belonging to the first owners of the property. We had access to the entire grounds for twelve hours and were able to choose wherever we wanted for the ceremony and reception. It was convenient that our guest were able to roam the property while they were waiting for us to finish pictures after the ceremony. ©Jason Hurst Photography 2016-2017

The cottage was the perfect place for our wedding party to get ready and relax before the long day began. It was the house of the Bland’s, the original owners of the property, and has been beautifully refinished with rich hardwood floors and picturesque windows. There was plenty of space with separate rooms for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, along with a large kitchen area. ©Jason Hurst Photography 2016-2017

We chose the grassy area in the grove outside of the cottage for our ceremony. Since our surroundings were so beautiful, we kept it simple when it came to decorations. The wedding party entered through vintage wine barrels that my florist added whimsical bouquets on top of. My stepdad and I made white benches to frame the isle leading to the 7’ cross we stood under. The cross was hands down one of my favorite components of the entire wedding and I am so thankful for his hard work and craftsmanship. It could not have turned out any better. ©Jason Hurst Photography 2016-2017 ©Jason Hurst Photography 2016-2017

Our reception was held under the huge covered pavilion. There was room for over twenty tables, our buffet, bar, DJ, and dance floor. There was easy access to restrooms and the attached kitchen was very useful for my caterer and others who were helping out. ©Jason Hurst Photography 2016-2017

If you live near the area or are visiting, I highly recommend visiting the gardens. They are absolutely beautiful and make for an awesome day of exploring.

Coming next… all about our florist.



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