All About Our Wedding: The Dress

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Today’s post is all about my wedding dress. I decided to do a separate post on the bridesmaid’s dresses and the guy’s suits so be on the lookout!

Believe it or not, I only went to one place to try on wedding dresses, J’Adore Bridal in Brooklet, Georgia. I had absolutely no idea what kind of dress or style I wanted so I went into the appointment thinking I would just figure out which would best suit my 5’ frame.

I’m a little okay, a lot, addicted to Say Yes to the Dress, so of course in my mind I needed that moment where you turn around and everyone cries and you immediately know it’s the one. It doesn’t technically always happen that way, but I did know “the one” almost immediately when I tried it on. Never did I think I would have found my dress at the first place I visited and my first time trying any on, but five hours later I had crossed a BIG to-do off my list.

Mindy, the owner, and her team were so helpful and friendly and her store is absolutely stunning. It’s a place that makes you feel girly and like a bride immediately when you walk in. I love that it is locally owned and she truly cares about each of her customers.

The Details

Dress– Justin Alexander 8689 (Ivory)

**The bolero was included with dress although I did not wear it on our wedding day. I am thinking about getting some bridal portraits for our anniversary and will get some with it then (just for you, Mema).** ©Jason Hurst Photography ©Jason Hurst Photography 2016-2017

Belt– Justin Alexander A066 ©Jason Hurst Photography 2016-2017

Veil– I am not sure what the brand is, but we chose one that matched the lace details on my dress. In case you’re curious, the style number at J’Adore is V7034. ©Jason Hurst Photography 2016-2017

Garters– My beautiful and talented friend Katherine made them for me! I almost forgot about them completely and was looking on Etsy, but they would not have shipped in time. Some comparable ones are here. (I also included a picture with my Mema’s garter; my something borrowed and blue!)


Now that it’s over I’m trying to think of ways to get my money’s worth out of it. Wear it around the house? Go out as a bride next halloween? It’s a shame to have such a beautiful gown just sit in my closet. I’ve seen articles on people who “trash their dress,” but I could never bring myself to that. I’m much too sentimental. What did you guys do with yours?



P.S. I chose not to get it sealed after I had it dry cleaned. (Side note: we had a confetti exit and although fun, it was a mess. Let’s just say I was finding confetti in places I shouldn’t three weeks later.) The dry cleaner actually suggested not to, that way I can look at it or try it on anytime I want. They also say that it is the plastic it’s stored in that turns wedding gowns yellow.


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