Summertime in KC

Fall is officially upon us in KC! For all my Georgia peeps – that’s the season between summer and winter. Yes, in fact, there is actually supposed to be a transition between those two. Who knew?? But while I am absolutely loving it, I have to admit I’ve all ready had to break out myContinue reading “Summertime in KC”

It’s a girl!

Hi friends! So we are back in KC from a fun little trip to Georgia during Jake’s break between summer and fall semesters (one down, only 8 more to go…). We had the best time seeing family, going to the beach, and exploring Savannah like tourists. I also had the privilege of hosting a babyContinue reading “It’s a girl!”

Healthy is a Lifestyle

Working out/going to the gym: what brings excitement to some yet spikes fear in others… I, for one, definitely lean more towards the fear side. I’ll admit, the gym intimidates me. I know it’s all in my head and most of my insecurities stem from a lack of confidence in not wanting to make a foolContinue reading “Healthy is a Lifestyle”